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Swamp Cooler Repair & Installation

Don’t let the Albuquerque heat ruin your summer- Daniels Heating & Air Conditioning can get your home ready for the heat! Swamp Coolers are a popular air conditioning system here in Albuquerque.  They work well in the Albuquerque weather due to low humidity in the air.

Daniels Heating & Air Conditioning offers many swamp cooler services – whether you need swamp cooler pads, a maintenance inspection, or a summer start up, our experienced team can prepare your swamp cooler for the Albuquerque heat at an affordable price.

Summer swamp startup services include:

  • Replace  cooler pads
  • Pump inspection
  • Belt & pulley inspection
  • Bearing lubrication
  • Cooler pan cleaned & filled
  • Airflow inspection
  • Float inspection & adjustment
  • Bleed off line inspection
  • Waterline inspection


Winter swamp shut down services include:

  • Remove the belt
  • Drain water from the pan
  • Disconnect and clear the water line
  • Install existing dampers
  • Install existing cooler covers